What Is The Stackchain Dashboard?

The Stackchain Dashboard is an application that allows Stackchainers to organize, access, and use stackchain data.

Key Features
Assisting in Stackjoins and Mempool Management
Displaying The Tip
Displaying Stackchain statistics
Organizing and displaying memes (The MemePool)

The most desired function of the Dashboard is Stackjoins and mempool Management


Stackjoins & Mempool Management

It is well known that Stackjoins are the future of Stackchain

What is a stackjoin?
A stackjoin is a stack of Bitcoin contributed to the stackchain that is less then the required amount to stack the current tip.


Design Considerations

Not all features need to be automated

It should always be a Stackchainer that posts a stackjoin to the tip.

The systems goal is to make stackjoins and the memepool more accessible to Stackchainers

The system should take into account a minimum number of validators to consider a stack join block valid

Required fields:Twitter Handle, $ Ammount, URL to Screenshot.


Future Projects

These features are important and need talented developers to build them

Stackchain statistics

Statistics are an important outreach and analitical tool that needs to be built. We need to be able to display, track and analyze data from the Stackchain. We would want to track Stack Height, Cuckbucks Burned and Bitcoin Bought amongst other data.

The Stackchain MemePool

Memes are one of the best parts of Stackchain. A library and catalog of memes and their associated blocks would be an important tool to build. We would need to be able to view, search and catalog memes made on the Stackchain.

Displaying The Tip

The dashboard should display the tip most recently marked by particular nodes. The tip data can be gathered from @StackchainSig account on Twitter which will use the hashtag #Stackchaintip when the newest stack is added.

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